Monday 6 June 2016

Another evening with PostgreSQL

Thanks to the Ferrara's University, departement of Engineering I'll attend to another evening with PostgreSQL.

This time the event will be a seminary with all talks made by me.

The first talk will cover our beloved elephant's history.

The second talk will look to the engine with  particular attention to the MVCC and the memory manager.

The final talk will cover thebackup and recovery with pgdump and the streaming replication.

The talks will be in Italian and, hopefully, I'll be able to stream them via google hangout.

Here is the event page in Italian .

The schedule is

15:00 Don’t panic! - Introduzione a PostgreSQL
15:40 Coffee break
15:50 The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal - PostgreSQL: uno sguardo dentro al motore
16:50 Coffee break
17:00 Mostly harmless - Backup & recovery in PostgreSQL
17:50 Closing remarks - Q&A

There is also a Facebook event to RSVP.

The event is Free of charge.
See you in Ferrara!

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