Friday 2 September 2016

News from the outer ring

After the summer break the Brighton PostgreSQL meetup restarts with the monthly technical talks.

This time is my round again. I'll speak on how to scale the backup and recovery on large postgres installations.

Actually this is the talk I've submitted to the european pgconf.
I made the talk in a storytelling form in order to avoid to bore the audience to the death. The talk should be  quite entertaining with explanation of  the issues solved  by the DBA over the years.

As google is removing the hangouts on air I'm using youtube live and OBS to stream this event. It's the first time I try and I cannot guarantee it will work.

I'll record the presentation just in case the stream is broken.

Event details

PostgreSQL - backup and recovery with large databases


Friday 9th September 19.00 London Time Zone

Location: Brandwatch - 1st Floor Sovereign House, Church St, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1UJ, Brighton

Dealing with large databases is always a challenge.
The backups and the HA procedures evolve meanwhile the database installation grow up over the time.
The talk will cover the problems solved by the DBA in four years of working with large databases, which size increased from 1.7 TB single cluster, up to 40 TB in a multi shard environment.
The talk will cover either the disaster recovery with pg_dump and the high availability with the log shipping/streaming replication.
The presentation is based on a real story. The names are changed in order to protect the innocents.

RSVP here

Live stream (hopefully) here

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