Thursday 11 February 2016

Brigthton PostgreSQL Meetup news

I've been  busy recently  and I failed to update on the last meetup news.
I apologise for that.

We had a very interesting meetup in January.

Alexey Bashtanov explained how the grouping works in postgres and how to improve or even re implement in C the grouping functions.
On the meetup page there are the pictures from the meeting .
The presentation's recording is available there and the slides are free to download on slideshare there.

We are already preparing the next meetup announced for 18th of March.
That's the abstract.

The next postgresql meetup will be a technical talk on the ways in which PostgreSQL can communicate with the outside world.

This talk will cover PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrappers which are tables that
can read and write to external services. 

Efficient ways to run queries from applications will also be covered.

About the speaker.
Matthew Franglen works as a team lead in Brandwatch. He has a long history
of development, with over 10 years of experience.

As usual the talk will be preceded by pizza and a nice chat. We'll also do a recording.

If you are in Brighton please join us here.

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