Monday 19 June 2017

pg_chameleon 1.3 out

Bugfix emergency release v1.3.1

I discovered a regression when running the init_replica caused by a wrong handling of missing time in master coordinates. Sorry about that.


After another round of bug fixes I've released the version 1.3 of my pet project pg_chameleon.

The package is available on pypi as usual.

The changelog is available here.

If you have any question/issue to discuss I created a community on gitter.

Please join!

I've also added a RELASE_NOTES file to explain the changes. As this release changes the relay storage and you plan to upgrade please have look to the file.

The initial implementation for the relay data was to have two log tables t_log_replica_1 and t_log_replica_2 with the replica process accessing one table at a time.

This approach allows autovacuum to take care of the unused partition meanwhile the other is written.

The method worked fine with only one replica worker. However as the flip flop between the tables is calculated indepentently for each source this could cause unwanted bloat on the log tables if several sources are replicating all togheter.

In this scenario autovacuum will struggle to truncate the empty space in the table's end.

The pg_chameleon version 1.3 implements the log tables per source. Each source have a dedicated couple of tables still inherited from
the root partition t_log_replica.

The schema upgrade happen automatically at the first run.
Because this one involves a data copy it could take more time than the usual. If the process seems frozen do not stop it otherwise you may lose your replica setup .

Those are the upgrade steps you should follow.
  • Stop all the replica sources. The show_status command must show all the rows in stopped status
  • Take a backup of the schema sch_chameleon with pg_dump
  • Upgrade pg_chameleon with pip install pg_chameleon --upgrade
  • Run upgrade_schema --config <your_config> --debug
  • When the upgrade is finished start the replica process as usual
If something goes wrong in the upgrade process you shall restore the sch_chameleon’s backup, then you should downgrade the installation to pg_chameleon 1.2 and start the replica as usual.

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