Sunday 16 April 2017

pg_chameleon 1.0 RC1 available now

In 2013 I started my pet project pg_chameleon to discharge my frustration only to find the entire thing even more frustrating.

It's fascinating how time and circumstances can fix the personal perspective revamping the passion for development that never left me.

This philosophical introduction is to tell I still can't believe I've relased the RC1 of my pet project pg_chameleon.

The release is already available on pypi and includes several bug fixes and performance improvement. In particular the speed of pulling the row changes from MySQL is now 10 times faster because I'm skipping the implicit BEGIN issued by MySQL when generating a row image.

The display of sources and status is now nicer with the tabulate library.

I've also changed the logging file handler to use the time rotate which automatically rotate the replica logs on a daily basis. The log retention is configurable using the parameter log_days_keep.

It's also present a new command detach_replica which creates a standalone postgresql database with the sequences correctly set and the foreign keys created as invalid. The detach process tries to validate the foreign keys in a second moment though.


From this release I won't add new features but I'll focus only on bug fixes.

Changelog from v1.0 beta 2.

  • add support for primay key defined as column constraint
  • fix regression if null constraint is omitted in a primary key column
  • add foreign key generation to detach replica. keys are added invalid and a validation attempt is performed.
  • add support for truncate table
  • add parameter out_dir to set the output destination for the csv files during init_replica
  • add set tables_only to table_limit when streaming the mysql replica
  • force a close batch on rotate event if binlog changes without any row events collected
  • fixed replica regression with python 3.x and empty binary data
  • added event_update in hexlify strategy
  • add tabulate for nice display for sources/status
  • logs are rotated on a daily basis
  • removed parameter log_append
  • add parameter log_days_keep to specify how many days keep the logs
  • feature freeze

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