Monday 28 November 2016

pg chameleon 1.0 alpha1

As mentioned in the presentation I did at the Brighton PostgreSQL Meetup, pg chameleon is a commute project.
In general I work on it when I travel. And thanks to the pgconf and other requirements I travelled a lot recently.

This is the presentation's recording (sorry the audio is suboptimal).

So I was able to build a minimum viable product which seems to work properly.

The alpha1 release is available for download and testing here

The system comes with the following limitations.

Installation in virtualenv

For working properly you should use virtualenv for installing the requirements via pip. I'm planning to make the package available via pip once it reaches the RC level.

No daemon yet

The script should be executed in a screen session to keep it running. Currently there's no respawning of the process on failure nor failure detector.

psycopg2 requires python and postgresql dev files

The psycopg2's pip installation requires the python development files and postgresql source code.
Please refer to your distribution for fulfilling those requirements.

DDL replica limitations

DDL and DML mixed in the same transaction are not decoded in the right order. This can result in a replica breakage caused by a wrong jsonb descriptor if the DML change the data on the same table modified by the DDL. I know the issue and I'm working on a solution.
Test please!
Please submit the issues you find.
Bear in mind this is an alpha release. if you use the software in production keep an eye on the process to ensure the data is correctly replicated.

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