Saturday 3 May 2014

This week update

For this week I'll not update the blog with the new chapter.
I'm scattered around time and space and I've little time to concentrate on writing.

Anyway I'll take the occasion to stress a little on the source of informations about PostgreSQL.
As someone will surely notice on my blog there's no indication about the postgresql releases nor informations about the critical releases.

The reason is because it's better to refer to the official website.

There're few websites which display the PostgreSQL releases in a foreign language.
Yes, bunch of idiots, I'm talking about you.

If you follow their outdated informations you will miss critical bugs which can harm your standbys or result in a catastrophic data loss exposing your data directory to dogs and pigs.

So this week's lesson is, follow for any release and don't trust anything except the official releases.

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