Thursday 16 August 2012


What is blue, bigger in the inside and with time travel capabilities?
 If your answer is the TARDIS, then, yes you're close but the right one is PostgreSQL.

 Welcome to my little quiet space in the noisy and confusing PostgreSQL universe.

 I've started working seriously with databases in the 2004, before I toyed with small web applications MySQL driven, then my life changed when I was employed by a big consulting company in Florence. I became member of what I call the Oracle dba friar.

I discovered how big and challenging can be working with serious amount of data and how important is to have clear, defined and well written informations, possibly in one single place and not scattered around the time and space.

I left the Oracle world in the 2007 and I created one of the biggest PostgreSQL conference in Europe, if I well think, before me the name PGDay was unknown.

Now I moved from Italy to the UK, actually I'm Italian so please accept my apologies for my english, and I had confirmed my feelings.
The pure  PostgreSQL dba is a rare animal, personally I know only two of them, myself and a clever guy from the east midlands I had the pleasure to work with.

I tried to understand why, despite the wide use by great companies PostgreSQL have so few real dba and so many  people pretend to be.

Imho I think the reason can be the lack of good training on this complex argument.

Yes, you can get training from great companies, directly from the developers, but let me ask you a question.

Should you want to learn how to drive a Formula 1, who do you ask?
The engineer or the driver?

I am the driver.

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