Postgresql Book

Finally the first volume of the PostgreSQL book administration is complete.

The book is free to download there  or, if  you want the printed copy click or use the button on the right to order the print on

The book is also available for download in ebook format.

Mobi :

I hope this book will spread the knowledge on PostgreSQL.

Anyway, I've not finished. I've already started a second volume and a manual for the developers willing to learn the noble art of the SQL writing.


  1. Thank you for your work. I'll use it as reference because I'm just starting to use postgreSQL

    1. Thanks. I've been very busy last weeks. I'll resume the writing soon and hopefully I'll finish this first volume by the end of july.
      I'll start then the second volume :)

    2. Hi Federico Campoli,

      Warm Greetings...

      Second volume is completed?

  2. Nice to book to start learning Postgres for Oracle DBA like me
    Will the coming volume has section on Database/SQL Performance Tuning ?

    1. Thanks. I've started the second book and will have the performance tuning extensively explained. I don't know when I'll be able to finish it.

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  4. hi Federico Campoli,

    I'm new to postgre and i'm happy to find this site and really appreciate your effort on the first book.

    Also is the second book completed for download ?